About Us 

From the development of town house complexes, Ozzybuild has refined its designs over the years to also accomodate personalised designer homes due to growing demand. Public insisted the rise of a quality reliable builder well versed in the housing industry.


Efficiency of design and construction is the primary objective of the company. In effect, this leads to lower costs incurred by investors yet still ensuring a grand design. With homes built in approximately 4 months, you will be surprised how soon your dream home can become a reality.


Ozzybuild ensures a degree of flexibility with designs and professional advice in both the planning and construction stages of your new home. Our experienced team will engage in detailed consulation on planning of your design early in the project life cycle. This is because, here at Ozzybuild, we believe that until you are 100% satisfied with the design further investment in construction should not be made.


Our small focused design team can produce 3D models to help you visualise your dream home at the early concept stage. This allows you to shape and reshape your home to satisfaction. We can even customise the models to your personalised colour schemes. You can view how accurate our models are to the finished final structure on our Gallery page. Structural drawings can also be organised using our strong links in the building industry. Our team maintains firm knowledge of the ever changing council requirements and building codes governing the design of new homes.


Our team will take the worry out of the entire process, providing consulation throughout the project. With Ozzybuild, you can determine the scope of our involvement in the project. Select inclusions from our quality standard inclusions list or suggest your own or even define your own 'lock-up' stage. With Ozzybuild the choice is yours.